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Changing Rooms
Is there any better feeling on Saturday afternoon than being greeted in the changing rooms by the smell of stale alcohol, methane gasses and Deep Heat? There is always that one player digressing about his previous night’s antics and always that one player that never has any shorts! In these rooms lifelong friendships are made. After the game, we come back in for a nice shower (when they are working properly). Exception being the youth coming up into the senior section. They seem immune to showering for some bizarre reason? There is no better feeling than sitting down in here for your first taste of beer, battered and bruised from a hard game!

Absent Friends Bar
A place where absent friends are toasted and remembered. The wall above displays pictures of members who have sadly passed. Some great characters and people who gave so much for the club. Of course the bar underneath also has everything you can ask for. Glamourous barmaids who will serve anything and everything. Fine continental lagers, British ales, Irish stout, exquisite wine, trendy liqueurs, cocktails and of course the most vintage port (see Port Bell)

Port Bell
Rumour has it, this bell was actually removed from the Titanic before its maiden voyage. To be sure maybe speak to George Lagden who was around at the time (see Old Gits Corner). The rules are simple. You ring the bell, you buy the port. Upon hearing its sweet ringing the bar staff stop what they are doing and crack open a bottle of vintage. Etiquette usually demands the bottle to be passed around the club until all its contents has been consumed.

Old Gits Corner
A place for our more “senior” contingent to sit down, relax and converse about “The good ole days”. Led by the charismatic George Lagden, this ragtag bunch can usually be found most Saturday afternoons causing a nuisance of themselves. They are very partial to port and cheese.


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